All work—and all play—at UGA


Peter Frey/University of Georgia

The mantra “work hard, play hard” has a new meaning for students at the University of Georgia. Known for recurring appearances in the top tier of “Party Schools” lists, UGA hasn’t exactly had a reputation for being academically grueling—despite consistently being named a top public university.

That might change now that College Prowler has named UGA the “Most Intense” university in America, meaning its students study and party equally hard. College Prowler, which surveys students nationwide, reached this verdict after getting input from students at academically ranked schools known for big party scenes. (Its student surveys name UGA number one for “most vibrant social scene.”)

“It makes sense that that would be a description of UGA,” says Nadine Najjar, a junior honors student and biology and psych double major. “There are so many academic opportunities,” she notes, adding, “Athens is a really great town with a lot of fun things to do.” The data backs up her assessment. The average GPA of this year’s incoming freshman class is 3.8, with 97 percent receiving the HOPE Scholarship. On the other hand, downtown Athens has more than forty bars and nightclubs in just twenty square blocks.