Campus Ambassador: Elmer Jones III, Clark Atlanta University

Junior, business administration major from Canton, Ohio
What’s to love about Clark Atlanta University?
I love Clark Atlanta University because it has a diverse student body that includes students from various regions and countries. The environment is a very nurturing one, and faculty and staff will serve as mentors, something that’s more difficult to do at larger institutions. The school also stresses community service and encourages all of us to live by one of our mottoes, “I’ll find a way or make one.” When we graduate, we are expected to be leaders in our community to help bring about change for the better.

What could be better?
I’d like better food in the cafe.

How does your school rate as a party school?
Clark Atlanta University is really not a party school. Most parties are hosted off campus. Alcohol use is prohibited on campus, and our policy does not allow overnight visitation.

What do students like to do outside of class?
Many of us are involved in activities such as the Pre-alumni Council, Toastmasters International, and the Campus Activities Board. In addition, many of my fellow classmates like to patronize places in the surrounding community such as the Busy Bee Cafe, Paschal’s, and, a little farther, Atlantic Station.