Campus Ambassador: Grace Lee, Georgia State University

Junior, public policy major from Stockbridge
What’s to love about your school?
Meeting people from across the world allows me to be more aware of different cultures. Georgia State is the “melting pot” college, with 10 percent of the student body comprised of international students and others from across the nation.

What could be better?
I wish that more of the commuter students took advantage of all of the opportunities at Georgia State.

What’s the best place to hang out?
I love the Recreation Center, as I take step class with my coworkers and occasionally climb the thirty-five-foot rock wall. I can take a ski trip to North Carolina with my friends for only $42, or I can catch my friends playing intramural soccer.

What’s the best class?
Freshman Learning Community. I took Global Ambassadors I FLC because I want to pursue a career in international affairs. You take all of your classes with the same twenty-four students throughout the first semester of college. It creates instant study groups, and I had a circle of friends immediately.

What do students like to do outside of class?
A lot of people hang out at Library Plaza or meet up at Broad Street, where we can eat at Checkers, Taco Bell, Moe’s, Tin Drum Cafe, or other restaurants. GSU students can walk ten minutes to catch a Thrashers or Hawks game, watch a concert at the Tabernacle or Philips Arena, or go to the Georgia Aquarium or World of Coca-Cola. It was also a lot of fun this past fall semester to tailgate and attend the football games. Our football program has definitely increased the Panther pride.