Campus Ambassador: Keith Hutchings Jr., Art Institute of Atlanta

Junior, audio production major from Macon

What’s to love about your school?
The student-teacher interaction is great. The classroom size is smaller, so teachers can work with students on a more individual basis to help them gain an understanding of their craft.

Where’s the best place to hang out?
On the first floor, students can always be seen playing different video and card games while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. On the fifth floor, which is mainly the culinary floor, students can be found in the cafe, socializing and snacking.

What’s the best housing?
Working as a resident assistant, I have gotten a chance to see all the housing properties. All are really nice and conveniently located close to campus and a great shopping area, but the nicest has to be the Mount Vernon apartment location, with a wonderful staff, great gym facility, two swimming pools, and a tennis court.

What’s the best class?
My favorite had to be project management, where we really got a chance to interact closely with each other, professionals in our field, and the teacher. Another great class is film editing. Students get a chance to see not only how movies were directed but also how they changed the entertainment industry, influenced society, and [affected] audiences.

What do students like to do outside of class?
Many students enjoy the city. Students enjoy open-mic nights at different clubs and lounges as well as karaoke bars.