Campus Ambassador: Lucas Ulloque, University of Georgia

Senior, broadcast news major from Cumming
What’s to love about your school?
UGA has an incredible selection of academic majors to choose from, with over 140 programs of study. It also offers an extraordinary music scene where students can catch a live concert almost any day of the week; Rolling Stone magazine actually ranked UGA the number one college town that rocks. Downtown Athens has great local coffee shops, mom-and-pop restaurants, and neat, quirky boutiques.

What’s the best on-campus housing?
It definitely has to be the high-rise dorms. Never in your entire life will you have the opportunity or maybe the desire to live with 1,000 students going through the same process of leaving high school and entering into the Bulldog nation.

How would you rate interaction with professors?
Interaction with professors is easy to come by at UGA. Recently, I was informed that 80 percent of all classes have forty students or less.

How does your school rank as a party school?
As far as I’m concerned, any school in the country can be considered a “party” school. It all comes down to making good decisions.

What is the stereotype of the student body? True or false?
From the outside, it might appear to be entirely Caucasian. This is completely false, as there are students from over 120 countries. Slowly but surely, UGA is becoming a more well-rounded melting pot.