Campus Ambassador: Nicole Azores-Gococo, Emory University

Senior, psychology/English and creative writing major from Greenville, South Carolina

What’s to love about your school?
Emory is academically strong in every department from neuroscience to dance, with a wide array of faculty who very clearly love what they do. On any given day, some student organization is hosting a multicultural dinner, a charity event, a concert, or a discussion of global issues. What I love is the opportunities Emory gives students to pursue their passions.

What could be better?
One of the complaints is the lack of school spirit. Emory’s student body doesn’t really flock out to sports games. But we do have a skeleton named Lord James Dooley as our unofficial mascot, who shows up at events surrounded by student bodyguards and, during one week in spring, releases students from class. Not many schools can boast that.

What’s the best place to hang out?
Between classes, I spend a lot of time doing homework in Cox computer lab, which has great technological facilities and beanbag chairs. Outside of campus, it’s a short drive to any of Atlanta’s neighborhoods.

How would you rate interaction with professors?
Most of mine have been very available to answer questions during office hours. No matter what they’re teaching, though, professors treat students as academic equals and expect a lot out of them.