Campus Ambassador: Sarah Butler, Savannah College of Art and Design (Atlanta campus)

Junior, fashion and graphic design major from Atlanta
What’s to love about your school?
We only have classes Monday to Thursday, so Fridays are “studio days.” (Trust me, you’ll need them.) In addition, we have sports teams! Art school with sports? We are the first art-specific school in the country with sports!


What’s the best place to hang out?
The hub! We have a huge cafeteria. It’s where all the majors can mingle together and interact. A lot of our student events take place there, so you can always be where the action is. And we have these really interesting “lights-out” chairs where you can literally take a nap. (A top part of the chair swings around so that it blacks out the light, and you can even put music on if you want to relax.)

How does your school rank as a party school?
We’re not on the list at all, honestly. We have so much work—though, don’t get me wrong, it is so much fun—that we usually don’t have a super-exciting social life.


What’s the stereotype of the student body? True or false?
We have a huge stereotype for being the emo, blue-haired, “weird” student that you see in movies (think Todd in Wedding Crashers). While, yes, some students definitely march to the beat of their own drum, the majority are pretty normal and just want to pursue something that they love: art. Whether you’re a fine artist or a designer, creativity is the reason that we go to SCAD.