Campus Ambassador: Shaun Foley, Valdosta State University

Senior, political science major from Lawrenceville

What’s to love about your school?
This campus is growing rapidly. When I arrived in the fall of 2007, what I loved most was the small-town feeling you get outside of the university.

What could be better?
Construction and parking; however, parking decks surrounding campus make it so you will never have to walk an unreasonable amount.

What’s the best place to hang out?
VSU’s proudest building is the new Student Union. It offers Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, the Loop Pizza Grill, and Starbucks. The VSU Bookstore, located on the bottom floor, is a great place to browse for the latest VSU apparel, and students always stop by the Tech Shop to catch up on the latest releases. A game room offers pool, Ping-Pong, and video games.

What’s the best class?
The Freshman Experience teaches students valuable information they need to succeed in college: how to study, what to consider when choosing a major, saying goodbye to parents, temptations you will come across in school, and anything in between.

What’s the stereotype of the student body? True or false?
Probably that the student body is made up of those who did not get into UGA, Georgia Tech, or other “big” schools. In reality, most students chose VSU because they wanted to get away from home or because the weather is just unbeatable. The general attitude is not, “I didn’t get into my first choice school”; rather, it is, “I came here to do something different.”

Any advice for applicants?
Everything you can want in a college experience, you will get here.