Campus Ambassador: Travonne William Gross, Morehouse College

Senior, psychology major from Annapolis, Maryland
What’s to love about your school?
There is an abundance of school pride. Students are always displaying school paraphernalia. And the “movers and shakers” lifestyle is very active among students within the Atlanta University Center. Everyone is involved in endeavors outside of the classroom.

What could be better?
There is a need for more facilities that create an environment that fosters social exchange among the student body.

What’s the best class?
Human Sexuality is a very popular psychology elective. Students enjoy the course’s content and the associated discussions. The course has a long history of being one of the most favored courses among students from all majors and disciplines.

How would you rate interation with professors?
Most professors are readily available to have dialogue with students upon request. Most faculty truly have a passion for the students and the instruction. Many of my professors have provided their cell phone numbers and personal e-mail addresses so that students can reach them outside of office hours.

How does your school rate as a party school?
Morehouse is recognized as having a conservative campus. While there are not institution-sponsored parties, we have a Hump Wednesday celebration every week (weather permitting) that is governed by the institution.

Any advice for applicants?
Morehouse’s curriculum is very challenging and seems unbearable at times, but the light at the end of the tunnel is worth the challenges that you endure during your matriculation. Good luck, gentlemen!