Fred Schneider

An interview with the B-52
On August 29, the B-52s’ Fred Schneider deejays the second annual Jeffrey Fashion Cares After-Party at Opera.

How’s your tour going with the Go-Go’s? Oh God, we love them. We’ve known those girls since we played Rock in Rio on the same bill in 1985. Back then, they were way wilder than we were . . . These days, our definition of “wild” is having dinner together after the show.

Your band the Superions recently appeared at Wax ’n’ Facts in Little Five Points, the thirty-five-year-old music shop co-owned by Danny Beard, the guy who pressed up the very first 45s of “Rock Lobster” in 1978. Was it trippy being back there? Nothing ever changes at Wax ’n’ Facts. Harry [DeMille], Sean [Bourne], and Danny are still behind the counter. I go there every time I’m in Atlanta to get my record fix. This time I found a Happy Hooker album. In the seventies, believe it or not, Xaviera Hollander, the author of the Happy Hooker books, also made albums. They’re as ridiculous as her books. On this album, she starts out singing “Michelle” by the Beatles and ends up having phone sex.

How did “Cho Cha,” the Bs’ new summer dance single with Teddybears and Cee Lo, come about? Cee Lo just called us up last year and asked if we’d do it. We’re big fans. It’s Cee Lo, so it’s completely crazy and great.

Photograph courtesy of Caren West PR

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