Jagged Edge Makes a Comeback

Known for smooth ballads and mellow love songs, such as 2000’s chart-topper “Let’s Get Married” and 2001’s “Promise,” multiplatinum R&B group Jagged Edge has returned from a three-year break with a new album on a new label. The Grammy-nominated quartet’s seventh studio album, The Remedy, produced by Cool and Dre for Slip-N-Slide Records, is a surprisingly upbeat collection.
“It’s not as much slow music or as many ballads as would have been on an album in the past,” says singer Brandon Casey. “The tempo’s sped up a little. We dancin’ a little . . . Well, we might not be dancin’, but everybody else’ll be dancin’.”
This album, which comes after a split with longtime producer Jermaine Dupri, marks an effort to “replenish what’s been missing from R&B.” Created with help from several other Atlantans, including producer Bryan-Michael Cox and rapper Gucci Mane, it will be available September 28.
Photograph by James Pray