Antico is open all day … with seating


This just in from Antico’s owner/chief pizzaiolo Giovanni Di Palma: Antico is now officially open from 11:30 a.m. until “the dough runs out.” According to Di Palma, dough production has been expanded so the pizza is hopefully available until at least 9 p.m. Who knows with the runaway success of this place, though. I went back early this week for dinner, and the pizza was even better than my first experience—a little thinner and crispier, and, appropriately, a little less cheese. Customers stood around the communal table with slices in hand, eyes rolling and jaws revving, looking at each other like, “Can you believe we’re eating pizza like this in Atlanta?” The calzone was a glossy thing of beauty, too.

But now we’ll be sitting around that table, and the counters as well: Di Palma has furnished some wooden stools to make lingering a bit more comfortable.