Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival takes over Twitter


The Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival returned to JCT Kitchen yesterday. The crowds were convivial, the heat was blazing, and the cocktails were cold. 5 Bone Rack, the all-chef band that includes Ford Fry, Zeb Stevenson, Ted Lahey, Jamie Adams, and Gary Mennie, turned out to be not that bad. (Who knew that Ford Fry could almost play the solo for “American Girl?”) Oh, and there were truckloads of ripe tomatoes in most every variation imaginable.

The tomato spectrum was wide: West Egg Cafe was serving up the classic ‘mater sandwich (white bread, mayo, tomatoes) while Tyler Williams of Abbatoir devised a liquid nitrogren frozen tomato salad (tomatoes of the future?). I’m not one to pick winners in these situations – food is an art, not a race – but it bears mentioning that the collaboration between Donald Sargent of Morelli’s Ice Cream and Guy Wong of Miso Izakaya won Judges’ Choice and Fan Favorite for a tomato cheesecake ice cream bun. Paul Calvert of Pura Vida and Miles Macquerrie of Leon’s Full Service won in Judges’ Choice and Fan Favorite categories for cocktails, respectively. The biggest winner was Georgia Organics, whom the festival benefits.

Missed the action? Check out all the chatter from Twitter below.