Local spotlight: Beautiful Briny Sea salt

Suzi Sheffield creates her own seasoned salts, flavored sugar blends, and cupcake sprinkles
Beautiful Briny Sea salt
$8 to $20 per tin

Photograph courtesy of Beautiful Briny Sea

After restaurateur Suzi Sheffield moved to Atlanta in 2012, she took up a new hobby: blending her own seasoned salts, with flavors ranging from lavender to pink peppercorn to mushroom. Flavored sugar blends and cupcake sprinkles followed. Before long, chefs like Gunshow’s Kevin Gillespie were asking for custom blends. This year she expects her company, Beautiful Briny Sea, to sell 150,000 units of seasoned salts and flavored sugars from its 6,000-square-foot facility in Grant Park. Available at Williams-Sonoma

This article originally appeared in our June 2016 issue.