Our favorite foods for under $10

For these 7 singular stars, cost and quality are far from equals

We’d splurge on sushi and dine at steakhouses every night if we could. But most of us can’t, and for the casual lunch or dinner, we’re more likely to chow down on these singular stars, where cost and quality are far from equals.


Banh Mi
We Suki Suki
Best in class, chef-owner Q Trinh marinates her griddled pork with extra soy before slathering on a rich French aioli. 479-B Flat Shoals Avenue

Nick’s Food to Go
Slabs of gyro meat dressed with an herby tzatziki sauce and raw onions mingle gloriously in a grilled pita. 240 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive


Miso Izakaya
Fluffy steamed buns are filled with layers of crisp duck skin and slow-braised pork belly. 619 Edgewood Avenue


Memphis Taco
Taqueria del Sol
Tennessee meets Mexico in this taco featuring smoked pork, jalapeño coleslaw, and a tequila barbecue sauce. Multiple locations


Fried Catfish

Harold’s Fried Chicken & Ice Bar
Fluffy, lightly battered, and, on weekends, served until 3 a.m. 349 Edgewood Avenue


Bell Street Burritos
Chicken, green chiles, and buttery pinto beans bring on the burrito love. Get it griddled for a light outer crust. Multiple locations


Waffle Fries
Flip Burger Boutique
Meet the fries that launched an online petition. Dunk these crispy crunchers in a sweet, maple-based sauce. Multiple locations

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Photographs by Caroline C. Kilgore

This article originally appeared in our December 2014 issue.