Cake Art is a baker’s paradise

Brush up on your decorating skills at this Tucker specialty shop
Photograph by Whitney Ott
Photograph by Whitney Ott

Looking for dinosaur cake toppers or 20 different colors of sprinkles? Cake Art is like a baker’s version of craft mecca Michaels, offering fondant in every hue, Darth Vader–shaped pans, and all the cake cutters and piping bags you’ll ever need. Learn how to use your new sugar swag at the store’s Wilton Method classes and demos, which range from decorating cupcakes to creating edible bows and flowers to airbrushing and sculpting cakes. (Many require completion of prior courses, so check for prerequisites before you sign up.) Demos start at $5; classes start at $49.99. Book at 3744 Lawrenceville Highway, Tucker 

This article originally appeared in our June 2015 issue under the headline “Sugar High.”