We can’t pick just one favorite banh mi in Atlanta—so here are three

Breaking down three of the very best banh mi in the city
Bahn Mi Atlanta
(L-R) #6 Combination at Quoc Huong, BBQ Pork at We Suki Suki, and Special Sandwich at Lee’s Bakery

Photograph by Josh Meister

#6 Combination
Quoc Huong
Why we love it The pork sausage is deliciously rich, and the toasted, glistening bread has major crunch factor. $3 (cash only)
Baguette La Petite France Bakery (Marietta)
Protein Pork sausage, pâté, steamed pork, meatloaf
Veg Pickled shredded carrots, cucumber, jalapeño
Sauce Amber-toned aioli

BBQ Pork
We Suki Suki
Why we love it The thinly sliced pork is super tender, and the veggies are sweet and crunchy. It’s the priciest, but also the most well made. $6
Baguette Hong Kong Bakery (Jimmy Carter Boulevard)
Protein Soy-marinated char-siu–style pork
Veg Cucumber slices, sweet pickled daikon, carrots, jalapeño, cilantro
Sauce Extra-rich, buttery aioli

Special Sandwich
Lee’s Bakery
Why we love it It’s a perfectly executed classic with a deservedly huge following. On average, the kitchen cranks out 2,000 sandwiches a day. $3.25
Baguette Made in-house
Protein Ham, bologna, pork head cheese, liver pâté
Veg Cilantro, jalapeño, carrots, daikon, radish, cucumber
Sauce Mayo

This article originally appeared in our November 2016 issue.