Christiane Lauterbach profiled in Oxford American

John T. Edge, the virtuoso of Southern vittles, wrote a profile of our longtime columnist Christiane Lauterbach and her publication, Knife & Fork, in the latest Oxford American magazine. A snippet of the intro:

“At this point in my career, I’m regularly asked about my literary influences. Only recently have I thought about what a profound effect Christiane and Knife & Fork have had on my cultural and culinary perspective.

Turns out that I’ve read her work longer, and with more frequency, than any other writer’s…Reading through back issues of Knife & Fork, I’ve come to appreciate Christiane as a sort of Southern futurist.”

It’s a poignant read, punctuated with some of Christiane’s early zingers of abominable Atlanta restaurants from the ’80s. Go grab a copy of OA (or buy a digital copy):  Michael Parker also writes a great piece on the evaporation of the Southern accent, among a glut of other sterling prose.

And In case you’re curious, Knife & Fork remains as authoritative as ever—and unapologetically old school. No online presence, not even an email address for communication. You can subscribe by writing to P.O. Box 15464, Atlanta, GA 30333. Subscription rates are $26 for one year, $44 for two years.