Christiane Lauterbach starts an ATL food truck blog


My colleague Christiane Lauterbach is not happy how far Atlanta lags behind the thriving mobile food scenes in other American cities. (Neither am I.) Imagine the city having trucks that serve amazing tacos or Souper Jenny turkey chili! In an effort to spur attention to the effort—which seems to require a spirit of cooperation from the City of Atlanta that does not currently exist—Christiane has started a blog: She’ll report on chefs, awaiting licenses, with trucks and carts already primed for the streets, and chronicle any advancements that may soon give us a rich street food culture. Make sure you listen to her presentation at Pecha Kucha from a few months back. Her daughter Hillary Brown, the food critic for Athen’s Flagpole magazine, will also be contributing.

Christiane says she’s not the type to have comments on her blog, but you can send tips and comments to Pass the word: We want food trucks!!