Cypress Street raises cash for clean water

Holiday campaign will fund wells in Rwanda
Cypress Street Pint and Plate

This holiday season at Cypress Street Pint and Plate, husband-and-wife team Jenn and Bill Streck are spearheading donations to Charity: Water, a non-profit that provides clean drinking water wells to communities in need throughout the world.

Hoping customers will get their groove on while also giving, Cypress will host a donation party on December 21 from 4 to 7 p.m., offering an appetizer buffet in exchange for $10 contributions. Donations of $20 will warrant free appetizers plus a SweetWater brew.

The duo has a reputation for donating to other organizations such as Atlanta Community Food Bank and Refugee Resettlement & Immigration Services of Atlanta. “It is very important to us to give back to people in need not only during the holiday, but throughout the year,” Jenn says via email. “We are very fortunate that we have the opportunity to do that by having a local neighborhood bar!”

Their goodwill will befall water projects in the Rulindo District of Rwanda, where, according to the Cypress Street fundraising page, up to 70 percent of residents must walk hours each day to fetch water from polluted sources.

The Strecks met Charity: Water founder Scott Harrison when the coupled lived in New York. Harrison, who has since made headlines for changing his self-described extravagant lifestyle into one of service, had just launched the nonprofit, Jenn says. “I was so moved at how he changed his life to help people in need.”

Cypress Street’s fundraising goal is $5,000, of which they’ve raised $750 so far. “We decided to extend the deadline to see if we can make the goal!” Jenn says. “Every little bit makes a difference!” 817 West Peachtree Street, 404-815-9243