Dinner Lab to bring international chefs to the U.S.

2016 lineup includes Iceland’s Solvi Helgason and Korea’s Semyon Rozin

Courtesy of Dinner Lab

Dinner Lab, the pop-up supper club that launched its Atlanta outpost in 2014, is reducing the frequency of its events to focus on more unique experiences, such as bringing in internationally acclaimed chefs to cook and mingle at local events. “We’re exposing members to events they can’t have access to otherwise,” says Dinner Lab founder Brian Bordainick. “If we can bring a sushi chef from outside Kyoto, the chef gets to market himself to the U.S. and our members get the experience without having to travel.”

In addition, the members-only supper club is now open to a wider audience with the help of a new level of membership that comes cost-free. Previous members, and those who opt to pay the $125 for the “Select” level, receive discounts on dinner tickets as well as advance notice of events. Those who sign up for the free membership can expect to pay about $10 more per $65 event, assuming the event doesn’t sell out before they have access to it. Dinner Lab has about 1,200 members locally.

“We’re excited to expand our community and bring more people into the network,” Bordainick says. “We have a very diverse community of people, old and young, who love food. We’re really proud to keep moving in that direction.”

Tickets to Dinner Lab events include tax, gratuity and an open bar. Attendees don’t find out where their event will be until the day before. Bordainick did say that members will see more events in East Atlanta. “We’re starting to cluster ourselves in areas members are and like going to,” he says.

The international dinners for Atlanta aren’t planned yet, but those who find themselves in Boston can taste the Haitian flavors of chef Joubert Amazan; those in New Orleans can enjoy Icelandic eats from chef Solvi Helgason, and San Francisco residents can sample Korean bites from chef Semyon Rozin. Bordainick says Atlanta residents should check the Dinner Lab website for updates.