Does Waffle House celebrate birthdays? Depends on where (and when) you go.

Pro tip: Birthday breakfast is a better plan than birthday dinner
Waffle House birthday
Illustration by Ryan Snook

There should be a saying: No two birthdays at Waffle House are the same. At a Roswell Road restaurant in Sandy Springs, you’ll receive a hearty “Happy Birthday” from the staff. At the Holcomb Bridge location in Roswell, you might get a free waffle or a slice of pie. If you plan ahead and your local servers consent, you could even get to order off-menu—like the cupcakes five-year-old Elis Gedney recently received at one Suwanee location. Regardless of how you celebrate, a number of WaHo employees agree: Mornings are almost always a better bet than evenings. “They might be a little more cheerful on first shift. You might get a waffle!” says a Midtown server. “If you come in on first shift, they’ll sing ‘Happy Birthday,’” says another in Brookhaven. One server in Decatur gets extra points for honesty. “We could sing,” he says, “but that might not be so great.”

This article originally appeared in our March 2016 issue.