Döner kebap sandwiches arrive in Emory Village

This street food staple makes for a tasty and affordable lunch
The chicken sandwich and fries at Keba.

Photograph by Jennifer Zyman.

Georgia-based chain KEBA (pronounced Kay-Bah) specializes in a spin-off of döner kebap, a type of Turkish sandwich you can find on nearly every street corner in Germany. Traditionally, it is made with shaved meats from a rotating spit and served on pita bread. KEBA’s sandwiches are a bit different: They feature a soft, white European-style roll that makes for a sturdier sandwich than split pita, which tends to fall apart under the weight of the meat and veggies. You can build a sandwich on this bread, a whole wheat wrap, or as a “K-bowl” (sandwich fillings without the bread). For protein, diners can choose from marinated pork, beef, and chicken roasted on a vertical spit, along with lamb, falafel, and feta. If you are feeling especially gluttonous, you can opt for an “Über Keba,” which includes chicken, beef, and pork.

Once you’ve picked your meat and how you want it (bread, wrap, or bowl), you can select toppings such as lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and one of KEBA’s signature sauces. I ordered the chicken sandwich and a side order of french fries during my visit. The chicken was incredibly flavorful and shaved thin. At first glance, I was disappointed the kitchen didn’t add a lot of meat to my sandwich, but found it to be the perfect ratio once I had to wrangle it. (If you still want more than the standard portion, there is an “extra meat” option on the menu.) The hand-cut french fries are cooked to order and come with a dipping sauce of your choice. I chose a tangy feta sauce, which was a perfect foil to the crispy, fresh fries.

As is the case with any new concept in Emory Village, the restaurant was already full of students engaged in debates with study partners and professors looking for a quick lunch in between classes. This burger alternative is sure to be a success as long as they keep the quality high and the prices as reasonable.