Downtown Ritz-Carlton adds snow cone cocktails to the summer menu

This heat makes people do crazy things.  For guests of the Ritz-Carlton downtown and diners at the posh hotel’s Atlanta Grill, this is a good thing.  As temperatures outside soar, Atlanta Grill chef Brian Jones and his culinary staff are keeping cool inside shaving ice and experimenting with some decidedly grown up flavors for his specialty adult snow cones debuting this week.
For example, the flavored ices made with locally sourced ingredients (pictured at right) contain watermelon with lime and Anejo tequila, passion fruit with lemon and bourbon and our personal favorite, blackberry with honey and yes, moonshine.  The frozen cocktail concoctions will set you back $12 each.
Look for them all summer on the menu at the downtown Ritz. Oh, and yes, they’ll also be happy to serve the snow cones to you on the veranda as you wave to the hot, sticky Peachtree street sidewalk dwellers below too.