Fly off to Neverland, drinks in hand, at this Old Vinings Inn pop-up

The immersive theater experience, coming in May, elicits nostalgia

The pirate ship in Neverland Pittsburgh

Courtesy of Hidden Media

Imagine opening your email and seeing Peter Pan in the “From” field. Before you mark it as spam, remember the reservation you made at Neverland—an immersive theater experience with themed cocktails and games, launching at Old Vinings Inn (3011 Paces Mill Road Southeast) on May 25. A partnership with Viral Ventures and Hidden Media, companies that plan creative pop-ups around North America, the intimate Peter Pan-themed event is part-bar, part-show, part-games, and all fun.

“You get to be a kid again,” says Viral Venture project manager Mikaela Fleming. “Immersive theater is a different way to experience the arts. We’re mixing it with nostalgia and drinking for a new way to socialize.”

The bar at Neverland Pittsburgh offers two signature cocktails.

Courtesy of Hidden Media

Neverland in Pittsburgh

Courtesy of Hidden Media

Attendees are notified by Pan that Tinkerbell has been kidnapped. When they arrive, they’ll walk through Wendy, Michael, and John’s London nursery on their way to the Lost Boys’ hideout, where Pan welcomes them with a choice of beer or wine. Attendees then agree to trick Captain Hook into releasing Tink by pretending to be pirates.

Entering Hook’s ship, guests train to become pirates by practicing with carnival games such as hook toss and skull throw (chucking plastic craniums at a tower of cans). Hook rewards their hard work with faux gold coins, which can be exchanged for a rum-based cocktail served in a glass barrel. The drink steams and bubbles, eliciting that pirate energy. Fueled with alcohol, the group then sings sea shanties with Hook before betraying him to rescue Tinkerbell. The final drink is a glittering, glistening “magical brew” that brings her back to life. How’s that for thinking happy thoughts?

Attendees can use faux skulls to knock down cans at Neverland.

Courtesy of Hidden Media

Ready to fly to Neverland? Tickets are on sale for $45. Each includes two cocktails and a glass of wine or beer. Family-friendly shows serving mocktails will be held on weekend mornings, while adult experiences will be held nightly Wednesday through Sunday, May 25 to August 21.

Old Vinings Inn will continue to offer dinner service throughout the engagement.

John, Michael, and Wendy Darling’s nursery at Neverland Pittsburgh

Courtesy of Hidden Media