GQ names Staplehouse one of America’s best new restaurants in 2016

One of 12 recognized nationwide

Courtesy of Andrew Thomas Lee

On the heels of two James Beard nominations for best new restaurant and best chef in the Southeast, GQ announced this morning that Staplehouse is one of the best new restaurants in America. “I might as well come out and say that my favorite meal in a new restaurant all year was at Staplehouse,” wrote Brett Martin, who called chef Ryan Smith’s food “immaculate and soulful, a menu designed not to dazzle but to feed.”

“We are grateful to GQ for the kind words and explosion of love,” says co-founder Jen Hidinger. “We love what we do and can’t wait to meet new friends with this new exposure.”

This is more good news for the local star, which struggled to pick up steam when the doors opened in October of last year. In our March issue, Corby Kummer awarded Staplehouse 4-stars, predicting that “the rest of the country should and will discover it.” “Don’t let out-of-towners anoint it,” he wrote. “Make Staplehouse the hometown-conquering hero it deserves to be.”