The Guac Stop at Atlantic Station might be the most Millennial event ever

And it doesn’t cost extra
Guac Stop pop-up Atlantic Station
Guacamole for days

Photograph by Fudio via iStock/Getty Images Plus

You know what Millennials love more than anything else in the world? Avocados. The burrito-makers at Chipotle don’t need to tell us that guacamole costs extra—we know. In fact, our deep commitment devouring the avocado’s holy greenness spread over a fresh piece of Artisan toast has completely destroyed our ability to afford a down payment on a house. Bummer.

But this week, Atlanta Millennials have a reason to celebrate. We can consume our weight in free guacamole at The Guac Stop, a touring pop-up from national brand Wholly Guacamole that will set up shop all-day at Atlantic Station from Wednesday through Sunday. Beyond being a pop-up (the most Millennial way to dine, with the possible exception of ordering Uber Eats from your couch), it totes has all our favorite Millennial things:

  1. It’s free
  2. There will be a guac bar where you can get your smushed avocados mixed into your own custom flavor (including a special “spicy peach” variety)
  3. iPhone photography classes that will teach you how to perfectly Instagram your creamy, perfect guac. (Apologize to your friends in advance for the FOMO.)
  4. Terrarium painting—because succulents
  5. Barre fitness classes
  6. A. Silent. Disco.

I mean, the only way this event could be more Millennial would be if there was a replica Ruby Tuesday we could ceremonially light on fire. Or if they offered free avocado toast.