Gu’s Dumplings at Krog Street Market to open in September or October

Little sister of Buford Highway spot Gu’s Bistro will offer an abbreviated menu
Kung pao lotus root

Gu’s Dumplings, an offshoot of Gu’s Bistro on Buford Highway, will open in Krog Street Market in September or October. The 600-square-foot market stall won’t have any seating. Instead, it’ll offer an abbreviated menu of ten or so primarily vegetarian dishes that can be eaten at the market tables or on the go.

Yvonne Khan—daughter of the Gu’s Bistro founders—says her team will make the dumplings and noodles in house but bring all the sauces from the main restaurant. Family member Yonghong Zhang will do the cooking, preparing items like spicy dried eggplant and kung pao lotus root. While traditional pork dumplings will be available, chicken and vegetarian varieties will also be offered.

From Chengdu-style cold noodles to luo jiang dried tofu with sesame seeds and sweet and spicy sauce, the menu will consist of popular items at the Bistro, plus some rotating specials.

As for beverages, expect soda, bubble tea, and Chinese hot tea, but no alcohol. Gu’s spices and sauces may be for sale as well.

Khan says the space will have a modern Asian look with a red-and-gold color palette and a bamboo counter.

“People come to Gu’s Bistro and always ask when are we coming in town,” she says. “Now they can get the food here.”