How will Atlanta chefs survive the great pork shortage of 2013?


By now, you may have heard reports that a worldwide pork shortage “is now unavoidable” in 2013. The UK’s National Pig Association sounded the alarm last week, pointing to corn crop failures that have caused feed costs to skyrocket. There may be a rational, calm solution to all of this, but I’d assume that instead of calm planning, every chef in Atlanta is totally freaking out right now.

Pork, as I understand it, is one of the main three food groups on Atlanta menus. The other two are bourbon and fried chicken. Is there even a single item on Empire State South‘s menu that does not have pork in it? What will happen to the great artisanal pork products at the Spotted Trotter and Pine Street Market? Will tickets to BaconFest at Dad’s Garage become a luxury item available only to the 1%? How does Kevin Bacon feel about this? There are many unanswered questions.

If you’re a chef whose livelihood may be affected by “Porkageddon 2013,” please get in touch.

Photo of Kevin Ouzts’ pig tattoo by the author