Left Overs Dinner Series offers globally inspired meals in the chef’s living room

Jarvis Belton hosts monthly themed events for $35 per person

Photograph courtesy of Left Over Dinners

Le Cordon Bleu graduate and former Google chef Jarvis Belton is the mind behind a monthly supper club called the Left Overs Dinner Series. He launched the business late last year after getting into a motorcycle accident and finding himself stuck at home. “I went in the kitchen and started pulling stuff out of cabinet and made the first menu based on what I found in the fridge,” he says. “Now, I choose a region and figure out a menu.”

A private chef and caterer, Belton charges $35 per person for multi-course, seated meals. He announces the event theme and shares the menu on his website two weeks before each event. Past themes include Thai, Mediterranean, Japanese/sushi, Mexican, and Korean, with items like beef tongue tostadas, kimchi eggrolls, and braised barbecue ribs with wilted kale. The events are BYOB.

Although the venue changes, the events are frequently held at Belton’s home, maxing out at 17 guests. An interior decorator spruces up the space to match the night’s theme. Belton hopes to expand the dinner series to two or three events a month, but he wants to keep it intimate, he says. “I love what I do and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”