Lion Tamer Bread is a haven for traditional bread lovers

Artisan baker Brian Dulisse opened his own shop near Emory
Photograph by Todd Burdant

Last year artisan baker Brian Dulisse developed a following for his glorious sourdough loaves, which he baked in the ovens of Sugar Moon Bake Shop and delivered to local groceries. In February he got a place of his own, Lion Tamer Bread, near Emory University. It‚Äôs a haven for traditional bread lovers who can‚Äôt get enough of his mild white boules, his tangy ‚Äúblondes‚ÄĚ made with wheat germ and dark rye flour, and his moist double-fermented whole-wheat and oat porridge loaf‚ÄĒall boasting magnificent crust and a dense crumb. Looking for pastries and cookies, too? Tough luck. Dulisse‚Äôs cast-iron pans are for bread-making only. 1248 Clairmont Road

This article originally appeared in our June 2015 issue under the headline ‚ÄúBread Winner.‚ÄĚ