Livingston to host All-Blood Dinner in November


A few months ago, I mentioned a Twitter conversation that began with chef Zeb Stevenson posing a quick question: “Was told that ATL is not ready for blood sausages etc. on menus. Care to weigh in?” That evolved into a larger conversation about innovation and boundaries in Atlanta’s dining scene and a few chefs salivating about an imaginary all-blood dinner.

Well, that dinner is imaginary no longer. On November 15, Livingston Restaurant is hosting an All-Blood Dinner with dishes from  Shane Devereux from The Lawrence, Tyler Williams from Abattoir, Ryan Smith of Empire State South, Josh Hopkins of STG Trattoria, and, of course, Stevenson from The Livingston. The five course meal will begin with a cocktail reception at 7:30. The $85 cost per person includes wine pairings, plus tax and gratuity. You can get give the restaurant a ring if you want to reserve your seat for the bloody feast.

Photo of salt-curing pork blood via Zeb Stevenson