Local find: Verdant Kitchen’s ginger syrup

Oprah changed everything for this Atlanta-based company
Verdant Kitchen

Photograph courtesy of Verdant Kitchen

Verdant Kitchen’s line of ginger-flavored foods was just beginning to step up from local farmers markets to regional super­markets when Oprah changed everything. After she proclaimed the Atlanta company’s ginger syrup and ginger-infused honey among her “favorite things” in last December’s issue of O: The Oprah Magazine, business skyrocketed. “We were kind of unprepared,” says Ross Harding, CEO and cofounder. To keep up with demand, the company opened a new facility in Norcross in May. The spicy-sweet, certified organic syrup—made with Georgia-grown ginger, cane sugar, and lemon—is spectacular over desserts, stirred into soda water, or mixed into cocktails like Moscow mules. Find it at Target.

This article originally appeared in our September 2016 issue.