Local Three has an epic Star Wars-themed menu for May 4

Feast on Tauntaun Shawarma while sipping a Carbonite Cup
Local Three Kitchen & Bar, Blue Harvest Crab & Avacado Toast
“Blue Harvest” Crab & Avacado Toast

Photograph by Michael Mussman Photography

This is the menu you’re looking for.

Every year on May 4, Star Wars nerds around the world (ehm, galaxy) celebrate their love for the movie franchise simply because “May the fourth” sounds strikingly similar to the franchise’s iconic quote, “may the force be with you.” Dubbed “Star Wars Day,” you’ll likely catch fans barraging Twitter with #MayThe4thBeWithYou hashtags and marathoning every movie in the series. In 2015, the day was literally out of this world when astronauts on the International Space Station celebrated by watching Star Wars.

For its third year, Atlanta’s own Local Three Kitchen & Bar is joining the movement.

Local Three Kitchen & Bar, Light Saber Seared Scallops
Light Saber Seared Scallops

Photograph by Michael Mussman Photography

Local Three Kitchen & Bar, Spring Asparagus Cacio 3-Pepi-O”
Spring Asparagus Cacio 3-Pepi-O”

Photograph by Michael Mussman Photography

Almost every dish and drink on its May 4 dinner menu references something from the Star Wars universe: “Tauntaun Shawarma,” “Carbonite Cup,” “Yoda Slushie,” “BB8’s BBQ Duck,” “Light Saber Seared Scallops,” and “Bleep…Boop…Blip……..Bibimbap.”

“We really are a bunch of big geeks and wanted to do something fun to celebrate the holiday,” said chef Chris Hall in an email.

Hall said the menu was a “group effort,” with every member of Local Three team pitching in to come up with the clever references. He even mentioned that fans who come to dinner Thursday night might encounter a live Wookiee (aka Chewbacca’s tall, dog-like species).

While some of the names play with alliteration (“Padme’s Parmesan Popcorn”), a few are a bit more literal. “To Admiral Ackbar’s Regret”—seared calamari and feta—might break the hearts of fans of the character who famously shouted, “It’s a trap!” Ackbar is of a squid-like species named Mon Calamari. So it’s like you’re eating . . . well, you get it.

Local Three Kitchen & Bar, "Steel-Hand" Tartare
“Steel-Hand” Tartare

Photograph by Michael Mussman Photography

Aside from the punny names, the food selection is nearly identical to the restaurant’s daily dinner menu.

Now all that’s missing is the blue milk.