Loving the bar at Livingston


I was happy when I walked into the bar at Livingston last week and couldn’t find a seat right away. Granted, it was around 7 p.m. during a show night at the Fox, but it pleased me to see the place full. What a makeover this space in the Georgian Terrace hotel has been given: all glittery, silvery, clean-lined deco and celestial ceilings. A little bit LA, a little bit Grand Central Terminal. (Forgive the limited shot: I was trying not to be too obvious.)

Livingston bar

What I’m drinking lately when I stop in: The Livingston Cocktail. It’s Maker’s Mark infused with tea, then muddled with lemons and mint. Southern-esque and summery.

Livingston drink

So glad this bar is part of the restaurant. The beauty of the architecture adds some needed romance to the cityscape.