Lunch at Miller Union


Hmm…whom did I lunch with today?

Miller Union opened for the noontime meal two weeks ago. I think there’ll soon be some friendly rivalry between it and Bocado over who snags the sophisticated Westside lunch bunch (hopefully folks will toggle between them; they’re both great).

Here are my pics from the lunch:

We started with a rhubarb soda drink made with rhubarb bitters (no alcohol, I’d fall asleep at my desk).


The feta snack cut with buttermilk—I enjoyed the baby carrots served with the more usual radishes as crudité. Snack-o-licious, as my tablemate commented.


We split an oyster po’ boy, which was the snarfiest of the many snarfables that crossed our table today. The fried oysters clung to their last vestiges of crispness while doused in gushy remoulade, in a fragrant roll from H&F Bakery that made me realize how lousy po’ boy rolls often are outside Louisiana.


Next up: a veggie plate with collards, beans, beets, and nicely roasted carrots. I wanted a slice of custardy-yet-crusty cornbread to sop up the juices.


And some lovely little fennel sausages over beans. (The fries—with homemade ketchup—are extra…and worth it.)


We were too glutted to finish dessert—strawberry and Mexican chocolate ice cream sandwiches.


Miller Union has become one of my favorite restaurants in town. I love how Southern the place feels, in a modern but not hackneyed way. If you need more enticement, read my review from last month. In any event, I’ll be back soon for another round of feta snack and po’ boy.