Market Watch: What’s your favorite market?


They operate in parks and parking lots for a few hours a week … but not always the same hours a week. They are loosely formed, a collection of entrepreneurs and independent thinkers who want to shake up the status quo. They’re experimental, free-wheeling, adaptable. 

But they’re not always easy to find. In fact, the very qualities that we love in our farmers markets are the same characteristics that make them a bit elusive. If you want to shop at your neighborhood farmers market, you’ve first got to find it.

That’s why, for the past two years, we’ve been working to create the most comprehensive, up-to-date listing of farmers markets in metro Atlanta. 

Market Watch lists all the essential information for each farmers market—location hours, months of operation—in addition to a description of what you can expect to find. But like the markets themselves, our list is always growing and evolving.  

It can be even better with your input. 

Which is your favorite farmers market? What do you love, or hate, about the farmers market in your community? Who are the best vendors there? Are we, heaven forbid, missing a market from our list? (We’ve recently extended our map area, so we’re busy adding markets beyond the five-county metro area right now.) Let us know. Add your comments below. Or, use the comment form below each market entry to send us your feedback.