New service, Southfork, to deliver lunch from restaurants to local offices

Promises variety and convenience for the workweek
Southfork founder Andy Blechman
Southfork founder Andy Blechman
Southfork founder Andy Blechman

If you’re like most Atlantans, you eat lunch at the same restaurants day after day. Well, Andy Blechman is hoping that you’re looking for something new. Launching in late spring or early summer, Blechman’s company, Southfork, will begin delivering food from a rotating assortment of restaurants to local offices across town.

Southfork will offer three chef-crafted meals a day, primarily to those along the Peachtree Corridor. Some menu items will come from the restaurants’ menus, while others will be created specifically for Southfork. Orders must be placed online by 10:30 a.m., and meals will be delivered to the lobby of their building by 12:30 p.m. The cost, $12 to $15 on average, includes tax, tip, and delivery. There aren’t any minimum requirements to order.

“It’s curated, it’s brought to your office, and it’s one simple, easy experience,” Blechman says. “Choices can be tough; we try to limit the choices while bringing variety to the menu.”

Though customization and substitutions are not allowed, Blechman says Southfork will try to craft dishes to satisfy a range of dietary restrictions (i.e. gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free).

Blechman came up with the idea for Southfork while getting his MBA at Columbia Business School. While he was working with artisanal food brands on strategy and business planning, he saw a demand for more variety on campus and started bringing in food from Manhattan restaurants. After moving to Atlanta last year, he started meeting chefs and creating a network to launch a full-scale version of the company here. Those interested in being notified when Southfork launches can sign up online at