Nine Mile Station team will bring a rooftop diner and cocktail lounge to South Downtown

The team will open a pizza shop and basement bar across the street, too

A rendering of 222 Mitchell at night

Courtesy of Arqui300

As part of an ongoing effort to revitalize South Downtown, spearheaded by developer Newport, Slater Hospitality—the team behind Nine Mile Station at Ponce City Market and L.O.A. at the Interlock—is opening a modern diner on the roof of 222 Mitchell Street with a nightlife lounge one floor below. Across the street, at 219 Mitchell Street, the hospitality group’s founders Mandy and Kelvin Slater are planning a carryout pizza shop called Pizza Clementine and an intimate basement cocktail bar called Thirteenth Floor. The Slaters’ projects at 222 Mitchell are projected to open in summer 2023, while the 219 Mitchell Street concepts may launch in the coming year.

“We always try to find something that fits the specific part of town,” Mandy Slater says. “This will be completely different from what we do at Ponce City and L.O.A. We’re offering something new and exciting for [South Downtown].”

A rendering of the rooftop patio at 222 Mitchell

Courtesy of Arqui300

The diner

“The diner-style of food is really accessible for everyone,” Slater says. “People find comfort in it, and it’s fun.”

She explains that the “modern” aspect of the diner will be represented more in the decor than the menu. She envisions a “kicked up” meatloaf, boozy milkshakes, a full pie bar, and over-the-top desserts, such as a milkshake with a piece of cake on top.

“It’s food everyone grew up on or eats currently at home—the possibilities creative spins you can put on it are endless,” she says.

The diner won’t be open for breakfast or lunch, but Slater anticipates a big post-game and concert crowd, due to the proximity to Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Located on the roof of the seven-story building, the diner will boast a large patio with views of the former Turner Field.

The lounge

One floor down from the diner, connected by a stairwell, will be a plush, luxurious-feeling lounge with large chandeliers. Formerly a bank executive cafeteria, it will have a nightlife feel with music and possibly dancing.

Slater Hospitality beverage director Randy Hayden will create the menus, focusing on classics in the lounge and “more fun” drinks in the diner, Slater says.

The view from the roof

Photo by Kristin Ferro

Pizza Clementine

Across the street, Pizza Clementine will serve square, thick-crust pizza cooked in a sheet pan. Named after Slater’s New York-Italian grandmother and inspired by the pizza she made, Pizza Clementine will offer counter service with a small seating area.

The Slaters are no strangers to pizza making. The husband-and-wife team started Blue Moon Pizza in 2003.

Thirteenth Floor

Similar in size to the Slaters’ tower bar 12 atop Ponce City Market, Thirteenth Floor will be somewhat hidden, except instead of being located at the highest point in the building, it will be at the lowest. Located in the basement, Thirteenth Floor will be a “true speakeasy cocktail bar,” Slater says. A long and narrow space, it’ll seat fewer than 50 people and forgo signage.

“It’ll be intimate with great music and a cool mural [that already exists there] that nods to Atlanta’s history with OutKast and ATLiens,” she says.