Octane Grant Park is now officially Revelator—and is launching a Korean pop-up

Anju, led by chef James Murphy, starts on January 11
A spread from the Anju pop-up at Revelator Grant Park

Courtesy of Revelator Coffee

Birmingham, Alabama-based Revelator Coffee stunned the local coffee community when it acquired Atlanta’s Octane Coffee last spring. Since then, the companies have been quietly merging their operations and working to create consistency among their offerings. Octane founder Tony Riffel became Relevator’s director of retail. He and Revelator president Josh Owens have hired Shanna Mayo (formerly of Amer) as beverage director and Eli Kirstein (formerly of the Luminary) as Atlanta culinary director. In one of the first obvious examples of the conversion, Octane Grant Park is officially changing its name to Revelator this month, and will soon change its signage, according to a press release from Revelator.

The space is undergoing updates to interior finishes, but the offerings, in general, won’t be impacted. The exception is the launch of a South Korean pop-up called Anju on January 11. Held at the coffee shop every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 6 p.m. to close, Anju will be led by chef James Murphy, a Seoul native formerly of Kimball House and Gaja.

Food from the Anju pop-up

Courtesy of Revelator Coffee

Anju, which means “food consumed with alcohol,” will serve savory pancakes, bibimbap, and ssam (lettuce wraps). Try the soondubu jjigae, a spicy tofu stew with kimchi and poached egg. Sister tenant Little Tart Bakeshop will continue to serve pastries in the adjacent space.

As for the future of the company, Revelator has least a dozen new retail locations across the Southeast in the works, with the majority opening in Atlanta.

Check out the Anju menu below (tap to enlarge)