Party with ‘Top Chef’ star Kevin Gillespie’s beard and its 7,000-plus fans June 2


Ready for an evening of facial follicle festivities? We have just the party for you.

On June 2, Woodfire Grill chef and “Top Chef” breakout star Kevin Gillespie‘s beard and its fans will be feted at an exclusive party at the W hotel’s Living Room in Midtown, thrown just for them.

The soiree was inspired by the goofy Facebook page, “Fans of Kevin Gillespie’s Beard” created by Atlantans Krista Miller and Zachary Smith last year as Gillespie shot to national fame on the hit Bravo reality show.

As of Thursday morning, the site boasted 7,862 fans and the party is only open to folks who join the fan page and RSVP.

So, why did Miller and Smith create the page to honor Gillespie’s coppery-hued facial scruff?

Here’s the fan page’s, er, mission statement if you will: “Kevin Gillespie is many things: A brilliant chef, part owner of Woodfire Grill, James Beard (!) Award nominee and “Top Chef: Las Vegas” juggernaut. Kevin’s beard is the majestic art which adorns his face. It deserves its own special mention.”

The official party invitation sent to Dish is equally hilarious and reads in part: “From the Desk of KG’s Beard: To my ginger lovin’ fans: Join these luxurious red locks for a night on the town. I may be stuck on the face of ‘Top Chef’s’ Kevin Gillespie but that doesn’t mean I can’t go out to meet my faithful fans.”

The evening will also feature signature ginger mojitos created especially for the party.

The guest of honor (and the rest of Gillespie, for that matter) will also be in attendance.

In an exclusive interview with Dish (via Woodfire Grill publicist Melissa Libby and Gillespie himself, who could be heard laughing in the background), the beard told us: “In the grand tradition of ZZ Top and Willie Nelson, I am proud to be a beard on Kevin Gillespie’s face. Due to a recent mustache contest that led to my unfortunate shaving (shudder!), I’m working my way back to full glory and will be aiming for perfection by party time.”

We could not immediately confirm ongoing speculation swirling around Woodfire Grill that Gillespie’s equally impressive tats were in a “real snit” over being neglected.

For the record, Gillespie’s is not the first beard we’re ever interviewed in this racket. However, the 1990s society scene in Atlanta is another topic entirely. . .