Pizza in the heart of Morningside

Timone’s will open in the next week (or so)

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Pizza places are often casual, kid-friendly and varied enough to please just about everyone—making them an easy neighborhood hangout. In that vein it makes sense that Ron Eyester, a chef and restaurateur known for Morningside gathering spots Rosebud and the Family Dog, would choose pizza for his next venture, Timone’s.

Located at 1409 North Highland Avenue in Morningside, Timone’s is named after Eyester’s mother—who spent time in Brooklyn and whose family hailed from Naples. The restaurant, scheduled to open between July 12 and July 19, will feature black and white photos of New York life and a menu full of pizza and pasta. Items include penne alla vodka, Riverview Farms meatballs, and baked clams.

“After spending about nine years in Morningside, I’ve become an avid listener of our guests. People are craving a low-brow pizza joint that will reflect the personality of our ‘hood, and offer a quality product that embraces local products and sustainable thinking,” Eyester says. “More than the food, Timone’s will exude an energy that indeed has New York flavor, but is very much home here in Morningside.”

Timone’s will be family-friendly, serve only beer and wine (no cocktails), and feature a small patio in the back. There will be an open kitchen, with décor highlighted by subway tile, pressed tin, and reclaimed woods.

Eyester also has a diner called, well, Diner in the works at Atlantic Station.