Porch Light Latin Kitchen brings Puerto Rican and Argentine flavors to Smyrna next week

Featuring Kevin Rathbun Steak’s former chef de cuisine Andre Gomez
Sofrito mac 'n cheese with pork rind crumble
Sofrito mac ‘n cheese with pork rind crumble

Courtesy of Caroline Willett

Chef Andre Gomez, formerly chef de cuisine at Kevin Rathbun Steak, is opening a Puerto Rican and Argentine restaurant called Porch Light Latin Kitchen in Smyrna next week. Paying homage to the chef and owner’s heritage, Porch Light will serve smoked meats, plantains, and more in a “homey” atmosphere with family portraits on the walls. “It’s like you’re coming onto my porch in my backyard, and I’m cooking for you,” Gomez says.

Located at 300 Village Green Circle, the 42-seat restaurant will offer counter service for lunch and a full, sit-down experience for dinner. The menu, which has both South American and Caribbean influences, includes smashed yucca mofongo, smoked fried duck, 12-hour coriander beef brisket, and a beer can chicken burrito. Side items include yucca fries, tostones, and sofrito mac ‘n’ cheese.

Led by Kati Anderson, formerly of Paces & Vine, the bar program will feature craft beers, small batch wine, Puerto Rican fruit juices, and Latin leches (sweetened milk). Cocktails range from a guava caipirinha to tropical sangria. There’s even a take on rum punch called the Porch pounder. “I can guarantee there’s not a restaurant in Smyrna that will offer the type of food we do,” Gomez says.