Rathbun’s announces Nick Anderson as chef de cuisine

New menu items in the works for restaurant reopen in the fall
Rathbun's chef de cuisine Nick Anderson

When Rathbun’s reopens in late September or early October, it will not only have a new kitchen, but new menu items and a “new” chef. True, chef de cuisine Nick Anderson has been in the role since last December, but chef-owner Kevin Rathbun and his team are taking the remodel as an opportunity to publicize Anderson’s work.

Rathbun’s closed in early July after a fire broke out in the kitchen. While the restaurant is being remodeled, Anderson—who gained experience working at Canoe and Tomo—has been busy revamping the menu.

“We’re turning over a new leaf with the fire,” Anderson says. “I’d done multiple seasonal menu changes already, but we wanted to push the envelope.”

Anderson says about seventy percent of Rathbun’s menu will be new or at least tweaked. The menu will be reformatted and divided into classic and seasonal sections. Signature dishes like the lobster taco and duck breast served over risotto will stay, while a bison short rib, pork chop with charred corn, and Allen Brothers filet with fondue fries will be new fall additions. Anderson is adding a venison dish with sweet potato Lyonnaise, too.

“It will be more composed dishes—less a la carte,” Anderson says. “We won’t have a section for sides per se.”

He adds that Rathbun—who broke his ankle after a fall while inspecting fire damage—is doing well. “He’s out of the boot, up and walking. We look forward to the reopen,” he says.