Second annual Dashboard Co-op fundraiser at the Everemanor


DashBash, Dashboard Co-op’s second annual fundraiser, will take place September 22nd at the Everemore. H. Harper Station will be providing dinner and cocktails for family style dining, while dancer and choreographer Helen Hale will perform, followed by a musical set from Oryx and Crake and pianist Audy Maxineau. 

The Everemanor, located in Buckhead, is home to Jay Wiggins, the artist better known as Evereman, and his wife Martha. The Everemanor is lush and green with an outside amphitheatre and a swinging wooden bridge, perfect for an evening under the stars. 

The menu, constructed by H. Harper Station, will consist of small plates. Courses include smoked pimento cheese with cauliflower pickles on crispy bread, truffled crab and mascarpone grilled cheese, deviled eggs with pickled bacon, roaring forties bleu cheese and black mission fig newton, butternut squash soup with chai foam, and dessert to be determined. There will be a specialty cocktail crafted by The Lawrence and wine and beer. Nonalcoholic drinks will also be available.  

Like Dashboard’s previous fundraiser dinner, the intent is to create an event that creates more of an experience than the typical prix fixe fundraiser. Beth Malone, managing director of Dashboard Co-op said, “It will be alive and buzzing, people are encouraged to move and mix and meet new people while enjoying good food, company, art and music. We want people to get a sense of who we are as well as the partners working this event with us; they’ll walk away full, happy, buzzed, and most importantly, inspired.”

If you haven’t heard of Dashboard co-op before, it’s a nonprofit arts organization that seeks to heighten the accessibility of contemporary art to broad audiences with art exhibitions throughout the city. Tickets are tax deductible and will help Dashboard Co-op fulfill its mission of invigorating and inspiring neighborhoods by bringing contemporary art to unique spaces. 

Photo courtesy of Dashboard Co-op