Shane Devereux leaves the Lawrence, heads to Greyfield Inn


Earlier this year, we announced that Shane Devereux was leaving his position as executive chef of TOP FLR of Sound Table but remaining partner at the Lawrence. Devereux now says that he’s no longer involved in day to day operations at The Lawrence, the much-hyped new Midtown restaurant that opened earlier this year. Starting November 9, Devereux will head to Cumberland Island to do a month-long stint at the Greyfield Inn

As for Devereux’s future in Atlanta, he says he’s unsure about his next step. A quick call to Peasant Bistro confirmed that he’s still serving as executive chef. It’s unclear what this means for the future of the Lawrence, which recently hosted a pop-up lunch from the King of Pop’s quesadilla side-project. I ate at the chef’s counter with Devereux at the pass not long ago. It was excellent. Today, he was nominated alongside four others for Eater’s Atlanta Chef of the Year

Photo of Devereux (left) via The Lawrence