Sotto Sotto catches fire


Sotto Sotto owner Riccardo Ullio had a frightening Facebook status update to share with diners Wednesday night: “Nothing like coming to work and seeing that Sotto Sotto almost burned down.” Alas, Ullio is one of the few chefs in Atlanta not prone to exaggeration. The status update came complete with a photo of the popular restaurant’s still-smoking roof.

Fifty of Ullio’s social media friends and restaurant patrons immediately began posting comments, expressing their concern and asking questions about the state of the eatery. An hour after his first post, Ullio logged back onto the social media site to post an update for  his 3,700 followers: “I really appreciate all the concern. Sotto Sotto’s roof caught on fire but we extinguished it. We’re open, just a little smoky.”

There was no immediate word if  the Atlanta Fire Department responded to the fire or if Sotto Sotto workers were able to put out the blaze solo.