Spanish tapas head to Alpharetta with Made Kitchen

Pure Taqueria founder Chris Sedgwick to launch a new concept
Chris Sedgwick, founder of Pure Taqueria and Made Kitchen

Chris Sedgwick, founder of Pure Taqueria, has a new restaurant in the works: a Spanish tapas place called Made Kitchen. Located one hundred yards from the original Pure in Alpharetta, at 45 Roswell Street, Made is scheduled to start serving on September 27th.

“’Made’ is about the way a meal comes together with lots of people involved,” Sedgwick says. “It’s how a baker takes water, flour, and yeast and turns it into a loaf of bread.”

The Made menu will be divided into three parts. Called Rush, the first section will feature small plates like charcuterie, roasted peppers and beets, fava bean salads, Marcona almonds, and Iberico ham—items that can be served minutes after ordering them.

“I like the informality of being able to dive into something right away when I go into a restaurant,” Sedgwick explains.

The next section of the menu, called Stay, will offer entrée-size items and sides. These may include grilled sardines, rib eye steaks, porchetta, and grilled vegetables cooked on the parilla. The last section, Linger, will cover desserts and after-dinner drinks.

An executive chef has not been named, but Sedgwick will be working with Ben Lyman (former owner of Simpatico and Willie Rae’s in Marietta) as the general manager.

“We’ll do craft cocktails, but not too crafty, meaning it’s not going to take fifteen minutes to get a drink,” Sedgwick explains.

Made will serve Spanish and Italian wines, sangria, amaro, and one beer on tap: Estrella Damm. The beverage list will include fifty to eighty wines, plus select “interesting” beers by the bottle.

The restaurant will seat seventy people inside, plus fifty on an enclosed patio. Sedgwick says to expect an industrial look with steel factory windows and doors and 130-year-old wooden beams reclaimed from a cotton mill. The building itself will be painted bronze.

Correction: This story originally misstated that Jordan Smelt of Cakes & Ale would be leading the bar program at Made Kitchen.