Storico Fresco to move to a larger space, expand offerings

Owner Michael Patrick says a restaurant is in the works as well

Photograph by Evan Mah


Photograph by Evan Mah

Come February or March, Storico Fresco, the handmade pasta shop that opened in Buckhead last year, will move to a new location and expand its offerings to be more like an Italian grocery. The 4,000 square foot space will be just around the corner from the old at Grandview Avenue and Peachtree Road.

“It’ll be like a smaller Eataly,” says Storico Fresco owner Michael Patrick.

Patrick plans to sell market items that represent the different regions of Italy. There will be a full line of pastries made in house, mozzarellas, pastas, to-go foods, and some other items Patrick won’t reveal just yet.

The new space will also offer lunch items like sandwiches and pastas. It will have a weekly dinner series featuring dishes from around Italy. In addition, Patrick is working on a partnership with a mozzarella producer in Rome. If it works out, Storico Fresco’s existing location will be used to produce the cheese until the lease runs out. Currently, Patrick has several employees training in Italy learning to smoke fish and make pastries.

Finally, Patrick says he’s working on a restaurant concept that would reside on the upper level of the new Storico building. If all goes according to plan, he hopes to open it in 2016.