Sweet treat: You can build your own pies at this Roswell shop

Doodle Pies offers sweet and savory DIY options

Inside Doodle Pies

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In 2016, husband-and-wife Eric and Anne Mullenax, founder of Doodle Pies, were vacationing in Maui. They became enamored with a single pie shop, visiting three times in one week. When they returned to Atlanta, Eric couldn’t stop thinking about pie. He was left wondering, why not make a passion fruit pie, his favorite? He decided to give it a go.

He purchased a rapid-cooking oven and began experimenting with different crust recipes in his home garage. The winner featured butter instead of shortening. “I’m not even a pie person, but when I had a pie with this butter crust, I realized I’d never had anything like it,” Anne Mullenax says. “Eric said, What if we make a pie shop? There’s no place we can go to get an individual pie sold hot.”

Peach pie
Cherry pie

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Anne started selling the pies at farmers markets using fillings sold by other vendors. The desserts were a hit. By 2022, the Mullenaxes had secured space in a Roswell shopping center anchored by a Super Target (1105 Woodstock Road). They opened Doodle Pies that April, serving a menu of signature pre-made and build-your-own dessert pies. Later, they added savory options.

“It’s very hard work. We’re constantly talking about the business, but it’s very fulfilling,” Eric says. “You have a creative freedom that’s much more enjoyable than working for someone else.”

Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, Doodle Pies offers a quiche bar with add-ins like bacon, mushroom, spinach, and olives. Other savory pies include smoked brisket, meatball marinara, and chicken pot. Nearly all the pies are single-serving (4 inches in diameter) and are ready in four minutes.

A four-pack of pies costs $28.99.

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The dessert pies are categorized into hot versus cold. Hot comes with fillings like peach, blueberry, brownie, and strawberry (or try a half-half, such as apple-cherry). Customers then choose add-ins like nuts, marshmallows, coconut flakes, and chocolate chips, and toppings such as vanilla ice cream, cookie crumbles, toffee, and sprinkles. Cold pies don’t allow add-ins, but toppings are welcome. Cold pies bases include cheesecake, strawberry, chocolate, and passion fruit.

“People have never seen on-demand pies you can fill with whatever they want,” Eric says.

For those who get overwhelmed with options, Doodle Pies’ signature menu highlights favorites like the Peachy Satisfaction (peach filling with white chocolate and walnuts) and Blueberry Bum (blueberry with coconut flakes and slivered almonds). Gluten-free crust is available, too. On February 13, Doodle Pies will serve three specialty cheesecake pies in honor of the Girl Scouts in the following flavors: Samoa, Thin Mint, and Tagalongs.

Chicken pot pie comes in two sizes.

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Doodle Pies’ 1,450-square-foot space seats 25 guests. Espresso drinks and sodas are available to enjoy alongside the pies.

“Being owner/operators, we’re there all the time,” Anne says. “I love seeing regulars. I can welcome them in. I know their names and ask about their kids and grandkids. It’s not just about the pie. The pie is the conduit to community. I truly believe Doodle Pies is becoming a place of community.”

The Mullenaxes are currently seeking space for Doodie Pies locations in Sandy Springs and Buford.

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream

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